How to Create More Balance

In order to create balance and avoid burn out, you need to structure your days where it makes sense. For a lot of us, whether you are working full-time, running a business or if you are like me doing both, it can be a lot. Without structure you have tendencies of resulting into a hustle-like lifestyle, without making time for you.

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The Social Pour is a digital magazine created for women in business, working moms, or just working women in general.

Our issues feature articles from female and community leaders on wine, marketing, business, mental health, and other topics, written to educate and inspire. 

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Karli DePanfilis

5 Ways to Build Brand Trust

Do you ever find yourself struggling to show up for your audience? Below are five ways to show up and build brand trust. 1. Consistency

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Inspiring Stories
Nicolette Hilbrich

Adventure to Entrepreneurship

Honestly, it kind of makes me cringe—when you’re fresh out of university, the norm is to find some average gig and slowly work your way

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Hailey Bohlman

Smells Like Wine to me

Five Tips to Better Identify Aromas in Wine If you’ve ever smelled your glass of wine expecting a bouquet of raspberries, lilac, coffee and chocolate

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